Vision Quest

September 3-10, 2023

In the chaos of life, we often feel a calling, a longing to just stop. To listen. To connect. To reach a deeper understanding. The Vision Quest is a practice used by cultures from around the world to step away and answer that call. We will be offering a 4 day/4 night Vision Quest, in which you will be alone in a small area in the woods. Where you will fast from all the busyness of life and all the routines that bind us. In that circle, you will have water only and minimal supplies, letting go of the tethers that bind us to modern life. It will be just you, Creation and the Creator.

This Quest is in the tradition of Stalking Wolf, who removed any culturally specific aspects, leaving a pure Quest that is accessible to everyone, regardless of religion, beliefs or race. The Vision Quest is a profound experience in which you will gain a new or much deeper connection with the Earth, the world of spirit and most importantly, with yourself. It is a place of enlightenment and healing and is an experience that is transformative for so many people. If this speaks to you, consider joining us for this amazing experience.

The program runs 8 days, with time before for preparation and time after for reflection and understanding. You will be guided with tools to help you make the most of your experience. All food before and after the Quest is provided and you will tent camp before and after. Much more information will be sent once you apply, but if you have questions prior to making your decision, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Vision Quest is run on a donation basis and we offer a sliding scale. Recommended donations would be $300-$700 and a $50 deposit is required upon registration. This is a sacred ceremony and volunteers do not receive payment, but there are direct costs of offering this program and the exchange of energy is important to ensure we can continue to make it available for others. If this would be a hardship for you, please contact us. To receive registration information, please email Debbie at