Volunteer Shelter Week!

June 10-16, 2023

We’re finally building!

Have you ever wanted to learn to build primitive shelters but don’t have the space to build your own? This volunteer week is a wonderful opportunity to not only help us get our land prepared for programs, but to get your hands on building skills from several types of shelters. If we have enough folks, we hope to build an inground earthlodge longhouse- and the best part is, we’re converting our “pond” to the lodge, so there won’t be much digging! We also hope to build two smaller shelters with different styles. Volunteers from our program in Indiana shared that it was really a wonderful week for them; that learned a great deal about making shelters and had a great time!

The volunteer week runs from Saturday, June 10 through Friday, June 16th but you can come for all or any portion of the week that works for you. We have a Skills Gathering starting on the 16th so you can come a couple days early to do shelters then stay for the Gathering as well! No construction experience is necessary and families are welcome, although youth will be the responsibility of parents- no special activities will be scheduled for them during the volunteer week.

During the week you will be tent camping on our property. You will be asked to provide your own breakfast and lunch and we’ll provide dinner as a thank you for your hard work! Refrigeration will be available. Spokane has an airport so you are welcome to fly in. If you do, we can stop for you to purchase your food for week on our way up to the property.

Registration is required. For more information or to receive registration materials, please email Debbie at Lafmoreoften@gmail.com. Hope you can for a great week of skills, community and making a huge contribution to helping us get started!