Living Museum

Imagine walking down a forest trail and coming upon a primitive shelter. The person outside the shelter is making cattail mats while their lunch cooks on a fire. They invite you in and you show you their home, full of pottery bowls, baskets, stone tools, bow and arrow and so much more. They tell you of their experiences living there and you try your hand at making a fire by friction. Then you wander to the next shelter where you sit with a resident flintknapping an arrowhead. No glass displays and little placards, but a real person showing you how the skills were done. You spend the day, relaxing, wandering and trying out different skills. This is a Living Museum.

Since our original village in Indiana closed, we’ve been in search of land to start again. We got that land this winter and are beginning to build again. The new museum is located in Addy, Washington, about an hour and a half north of Spokane, WA. 2022 will be a year of building, but look for the museum to open in some capacity 2023.

A perfect experience for familes, schools, groups, and individuals interesting in seeing these skills come to life.