Good-bye Winter

Two days ago we had a high of 16 and a low of -2 and yesterday a high of 43 and a low of 28 with forecasts of it just getting warmer. So almost overnight we seem to have moved from winter to spring. Winter has taught us, challenged us and been a dear friend that held us tight, so here is my farewell to winter:

Good bye nights that go on forever. Good bye dance of thawing water. Good bye tracking in the snow. Good bye sleeping in a cocoon. Good bye moonlight reflecting brilliantly from snow. Good bye thawing cat food by the fire. Good bye staying in bed just a little longer to avoid the cold. Good bye nights so silent you forget what sound is. Good bye need to move or sit by a fire-I pray I never say good bye to the appreciation winter has taught me for wood and for fire. Good bye world of whites, browns and grays- glad I came to appreciate your beauty. Good bye icicles ornamenting my shelter. Good bye layers of clothing and heavy boots. Good bye frozen eggs, and potatoes, well, and pretty much every food. Good bye brilliant sunrises and sunsets made more spectacular through the barren trees. Good bye my friend winter until we meet again next year. 

Resident; Debbie Tremel Originally published 2015

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