The Love of a Basket

It was a bitter sweet moment when I finished my basket last night. After so long working together, it’s now complete. When you make something with your own hands you have a much different relationship with it than you can ever have from something purchased. I would rather have very few belongings but have this kind of relationship with them than own everything money can buy. 

This basket has been a part of my life a long time. I walked in the woods when these needles were still a part of their tree. I smelled the richness of pine warmed in the sun. I gathered the needles pruned by the squirrels and waited as they dried. Then I have spent countless hours with this basket. She has been with me through the bitter cold of winter evenings and soaking in the first warmth of the spring sun. She has taught me the value of creating an empty space and reminded me to empty my own cup. She’s shown me that you don’t have to be perfect in form to be beautiful. We’ve been through a lot together. 

So I was sad to end this part of our relationship but overjoyed to see her in her finished form. And with a bit of help from some bees wax I hope she’ll be with me frequently as my water bottle. No matter what service she serves in the long run she has been a tremendous teacher and companion and will remain an important part of my life. When I say I love this basket, it is genuine love, full of appreciation and gratitude.

Resident Debbie Tremel Originally published 2015

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